The Complete 3D Printing Troubleshooting Guide for 2020

Whether you're here because you've had no luck 3D printing or because you want to refine your prints further, below our 30 top tips will have you sure to be on the right 3D printing track in no time. 

3D prints can fail for a number of reasons, below are a culmination of our top tips to help you print better, first time. 

We have taken our most commonly asked questions and created this for you to in a troubleshooting and tips guide for 2020. We are confident every issue you could experience is covered in this fixes guide. 

Each issue has a clear high resolution photograph, a detailed explanation of the subject and a problem solving checklist for how to improve 3D print quality.

This includes instructions for software settings and even best practices for specific prints and materials, where applicable. 

1. Getting Prints to Stick 


Issues around prints sticking to beds could be due to a number of reasons. Below are the top 7 reasons your first number of layers are struggling:

Bed Temperature 


First Layer Print Temerature 

As there are no real telltale signs that your temperature was off for your print, it is best to ensure your have this first step nailed to eliminate this as being a primary cause of any issues.

Remember the general rule; printing colder will decrease adhesion, printing hotter will increase adhesion. Remember not to go beyond the maxium recommended print temperature for the filament you are using. The key is to print as cool as possible while keeping proper adhesion.