How We Make Digital Cubed 3D Printer Filament 100% Robust

1. Our Raw Materials Used   

When it comes to our filament range, we use pure materials to ensure you get smooth silky and consistent printing each time, every time, giving you perfect layer adhesion and absolute final print strength. 

2. Pure Extrusion Reliability

Tight and consistent tolerances of just 0.03mm+/- meaning you get no variances to your printing quality and projects. 

3. Pure Filament Pigments

We pride ourselves in the fact that our 3D printer filaments do not use any type of fillers, contaminants or any other type of diluents that can negatively impact your prints. Just pure filament and pigments for your prints.   

4. End-to-End Quality Control 

We test our filaments at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure what you buy is what you receive. Or your money back, that simple. 

 About Digital Cubed

We are leaders in UK 3D Printing with our aim to make additive manufacturing (3D Printing) to the masses in an affordable and easy to use way. Serving the hobbyist and semi-professional users, we have a large and loyal client base and seek to grow and impact more lives over the new few years as the technology is further adopted in the household.

As a market leader in the UK 3D Printing wholesale and distribution of 3D Printing filaments (PLA, ABS, PETG, ASA, HIPS) and 3D Printers, Nozzles and accessories, you can be sure we have what you need when it comes to 3D printing as well as the quality that has come to be associated with our brand of 3D printer filaments.

We started off this journey 3 years ago with the belief that 3D printing is a technology that will change the way we perceive customisation, revolutionise creative design, reduce the complexity of production, change the way we receive goods and many more direct and indirect ways 3D printing will inevitably change the course of humanity.

When we started out on our journey, we wanted to make 3D printing and the technology as accessible as possible and serve on a global scale, meaning when it comes to your 3D Printing needs, we ship globally and have various price points to help you get started whether you are a seasoned pro, new to the hobby or simply want to buy something to keep your kids interested and creative. 

We do, however, understand that as useful as plastic is in modern day society, the environmental impact is not as useful and we pride ourselves in being an environmentally conscious company and so all our spooled 3D printer filaments come with a free Masterspool that can be used multiple times before discarding meaning empty spools can be used over and over again before having to be thrown out or recycled. We also source from renewable and environmentally friendly sources, where possible and all our packaging is 100% recycled cardboard, further reducing our carbon footprint. The great benefit to you, our valued customer, is that not only does this model work for reducing the plastic footprint, but it also reduces the cost of 3D printer filament refills which means the more you reuse our Masterspool with refill filaments, the more you eventually save. 

Check out our Masterspool filament range and see how much you can save on refill 3D printer filament.