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Browse from our most popular 3D printing products. From 3D printing filament that comes with our unique MasterSpool system that saves on the environment and saves you money at the same time to our wide range of printers for the beginner, intermediate and professional users. We also have a great range of accessories to help you in every step of your 3D printing journey.  Click on any of the product below to find out more.

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Check out our blog for 3D printing tips, tricks and frequesntly asked questions. No matter your experience level, we are sure you will learn something new to help elevate your 3D printing skills. Find out more about what our team have to say by clicking on our blog posts. Tech news, tips and the inside scoop on the hottest 3D printing topics in the market.

Dissolvable Filament HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene )

As a dissolvable filament, High Impact Polystyrene (also known as HIPS) is often used as a support material when printing objects with overhang. One of the reasons why HIPS works as such a great support material is due to it's easily removable qualities, with Limonene...

How should I store my 3D printer filament?

To a certain degree, when you first look at 3D printing filament on a spool and handle it, you may think that it is a lot stronger and easier to store than you would first imagine. It is just 3D printing plastic filament on a spool right? No so much. So how do you go...

3d printer nozzle jams – what to do next?

Whether you are new to 3D printing or a seasoned printer, the chances are you have experienced a jam of some sort with either your filament or nozzle not extruding as it should and if you do suspect your 3D printer has jammed, the first thing to remember is don’t...

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