x-pro 3D Printer – newest model

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Digital Cubed 3D Printers save you time and money in the long run.  We hand pick our printers to ensure quality of prints and longevity. All our printers come with a 1 year warranty and on hand customer service ensuring your printing quality.

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Professional Printer Pack includes:

  • Borosilicate glass bed – 4mm
  • 1 can of 3D lac printing spray
  • A pair of bulldog clips

The pack helps to create perfect prints; no warping, no scraping glueing or slurries. Prints simply pop off when the glass is cool.


  • Full metal frame body, stable structure and high printing prevision
  • Fully covered body, removable cover to meet the temperature requirements of different filaments
  • Stable dual extruder structure, optimised for flexible and normal filament, compatible with other filaments
  • Open-source software, compatible with different slicing engines, supports multiple printing formats

2017 Features

  • Lid – Compositional lid is replaced by uni-body lid
  • Front Door – Almost 180-degree opening front door brings convenience to users.
  • Proprietary Slicing Software – FlashPrint is compatible with Creator Pro now.
  • Side Handles – User-friendly side handles enhance handling comfort.
  • Levelling Knobs – Solid plastic levelling knobs improve levelling accuracy.
  • Power Supply Upgrade – Traditional power is upgraded to the broadband power supply.
  • Control Panel Upgrade – 45-degree viewing ergonomic control panel is more comfortable to users.
  • Smaller shipping size lowers transportation cost.
  • Added quick start guide.

Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 40 x 44 x 75 cm


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