Your MasterSpool System


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All our spooled filaments come ready and pre-installed with a re-useable MasterSpool that not only allows you to do good to the environment, but also saves you money in the long run and opens up a world of experimentation, options and choices.

All our filaments come ready and pre-installed with reusable spool ready for you to re-fill and have many benefits to doing so;

We have heard it over and over again, “what do I do with my finished spool?”, “I wish there was a way of making use of my empty spool”. We took the feedback onboard and created a brand-new type of spool we call the MasterSpool and there are a few benefits to using it.

As plastic is a non-degradable material, using our new MasterSpool it is eco-friendly and reduces the impact plastic has on our environment. It also reduces the transport emissions needed to move the filaments around the world and to your door as spoolless filaments weigh less than their spoolled filament counterparts.

It also opens up a world of freedom and choice to you, the consumer and 3D printer when it comes to printing in various colours and materials with ease. Switching out filaments from the MasterSpool is easy and a quick process and will have you printing in a new colour or material in a short space of time. It is also a lot easier to store spoolless filament as they are generally smaller than the traditional spooled filaments.

And the final benefit is pretty straightforward. Reduced carbon footprint and less material means you save more when ordering your filaments with us. We directly return the savings back into your pocket for every spoolless filament you order which means you spend less to do more and enjoy the 3D printing hobby for less and this is our ultimate goal – to make 3D printing more accessible to hobbyists, educators and professionals alike.

Here’s how easy it is to use our MasterSpool and some of the ways you can use them:


Dismanteling your MasterSpool


Taking part your MasterSpool once finished or to change out the filament material or colour is a simple 5 step process:

1. Locate and unscrew both screws on the center of the MasterSpool

2. Insert new spoolless filament of choice. (Keeping your filaments zip-tied or similar helps in the installation process).


3. Once new filament of choice is snuggly fitted into one side of the MasterSpool, close up and rescrew the MasterSpool holding the new filament in place.


4. Release / cut zip-ties and re-thread filament end into provided holes on edge of spool.


5. Load into 3D printer and enjoy!


A few ways you can enjoy your MasterSpool


We designed our MasterSpool not just to save on the environment and eco-footprint as a company. We also invested in this new concept as a way of increasing your ability to try new and different colours and materials more easily.

So in addition to being able to re-fill your spools with original colours that came with your filament initially, you are also able to experiment with other filament materials and colours easily and relatively cheaply (or cheaper than buying a fully spooled unit).

Below are some of the ways the reusable concept has been used by some of our Digital Cubed fans:








Our MasterSpool are not limited to just the colour or material you bought originally. They can be universally used with our range of filaments and so you have the freedom and flexibility to use any material and any colour, at any time. You can check out our spoolless filament range here to check out all the options you have when it comes to refilling your empty MasterSpool.